4 Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Your First Offense OWI

4 Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Your First Offense OWI

4 Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Your First Offense OWI

Hiring a Lawyer for a First Offense OWI in Wisconsin can save you Time, Money, your Driver’s License, and potentially your Job

Any time you face potential civil or criminal penalties it is recommended that you retain the services of a qualified attorney. This is true for any OWI offense including a first offense OWI. Now as a criminal defense attorney who focuses a lot of energy on OWI defense I may be biased in my opinion. Similarly, you may have a friend who claims they handled their drunk driving case themselves. Is it possible to “go it alone” on your first offense OWI, yes, is it recommended, absolutely not. Below are

An OWI Lawyer will save you time throughout your OWI case

Having an attorney represent you in your first offense OWI case means your attorney can appear on your behalf at all court hearings. This is a huge time saver. Often these types of case can last months with many court obligations. Failure to show means a default judgment. A first offense is not a criminal matter like a second or third offense. Unless the state, county, or city attorney subpoenas you the hearing there is no reason to go. There is no need to take off of work or miss any other activity. Your attorney can handle it for you.

An experienced OWI Lawyer will save you money on your First Offense

There is no question that an OWI conviction will cost you money. Just being charged can have an impact. But a knowledgeable OWI lawyer will save you money. Between the fines, the cost of insurance, losing your license, ignition interlock device, and potentially your job, costs can be upwards of $10,000+. Our attorneys have consistently saved their clients significant amounts of money through dismissal of charges, appearing on the clients behalf, minimizing the revocation period and fines, and avoiding the IID,  It is not uncommon to recognize savings at or above the cost of the attorney.

Save your Driver’s License or minimize the amount of revocation time

Our attorneys have successfully obtained the minimum revocation period in many cases and in other cases avoided a conviction all together. A conviction for a first offense OWI will result in six to nine months of license revocation. A first offense refusal will have 12 months of revocation. A first offense OWI conviction you are eligible for an occupational license assuming your license has not been revoked or suspended for any other reason. Losing your license for any amount of time is a headache. Saving your license for one, two, or six months will have a huge impact in your life.

Avoid an OWI conviction all together

An aggressive OWI Lawyer will analyze your case, find the weaknesses, file motions and work for a dismissal. We will be straight with you, avoiding an OWI conviction can be difficult. Not every case has an issue that will result in a successful challenge. But without the assistance of an attorney you will never know. Our OWI attorneys have had success in obtaining dismissals and not guilty verdicts.

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