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Attorney David K Anderson

Since embarking on his legal career in 2015, Attorney David K Anderson has been committed to defending the rights of individuals charged with criminal offenses. His approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the complexities and sometimes disproportionate responses within the legal system. Recognizing that many individuals face charges for actions that stem from mere mistakes rather than criminal intent, Attorney Anderson is driven to provide a robust defense for his clients, challenging the tendency of the state to over-prosecute.

With a broad scope of expertise that encompasses misdemeanor and felony charges, as well as Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) cases, Attorney Anderson is prepared to tackle legal challenges of any magnitude. His dedication to an aggressive defense strategy remains constant, regardless of the case’s size or severity. This unwavering commitment to justice and fairness underscores Attorney Anderson’s legal practice, offering his clients a fighting chance in the face of daunting legal battles.

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Drunk Driving

Whether you are charged with a first offense, or a fifth offense, our Wisconsin OWI attorneys can help.

Violent Crimes

A conviction for any one of Wisconsin's violent crimes will have significant consequences.

Drug Charges

Our Wisconsin Drug charge attorneys know the law and how to apply that law in the court room.

Domestic Violence​

A conviction for a domestic violence charge in Wisconsin has additional consequences.

Property Crimes

Wisconsin property crimes include theft, forgery, and criminal damage to property.

Sex Offenses

Not much will change your life like a conviction for one of Wisconsin's sex offense charges.

Traffic Citations

Although less serious than a criminal charge, a traffic citation can effect your driver's license.