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Looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Jefferson County, WI? DK Anderson, S.C. can help. If you have been charged with violating Wisconsin law, whether it is a property crime, a violent crime, a domestic crime, a drug crime, or an OWI, we have the experience you can count on. We always take an aggressive approach when fighting criminal charges. A serious accusation requires a serious defense. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, DK Anderson, S.C. can help.

The defense attorneys at DK Anderson, S.C. have the experience and knowledge to fight your criminal charges. We know the courts, the prosecutors, and how the system works in Jefferson County Wisconsin. Do not just plead guilty to the accusations against you. With the assistance of a knowledgable criminal defense attorney you can understand any and all potential defenses, the penalties associated with the charge and your options. You have rights and we know how to protect those rights. When we create your defense strategy we will discuss the facts of your case, the applicable law, and your expectations. Give us a call and we will discuss what we can do for you.

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Drunk Driving Defense in Jefferson County

Jefferson County, WI OWI Attorney

Drunk Driving Defense in Jefferson County, WI

A proper OWI defense in Jefferson County starts with a knowledgeable OWI attorney familiar with the courts and laws. The defense attorneys at DK Anderson, S.C. are knowledgable OWI attorneys who practice in Jefferson County. Although the laws of Wisconsin apply in every county, every court has different procedures and local rules to deal with. This is especially true in Jefferson County. If you are facing a drunk driving charge we can help. We know what needs to get done.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending against OWI charges in Jefferson County. Whether it is a first offense or a fifth offense they know the law, the strategies, and defenses available. You can find additional information at the following pages:

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Traffic Citations in Jefferson County, Wisconsin

If you were pulled over for speeding or failure to register your vehicle you likely got issued a traffic citation. Similar to those minor violations, a first offense OWI is also considered a traffic violation and is not a criminal offense. Too many “minor traffic violations” like speeding 11-15 mph over the speed limit can increase your insurance rates and have the potential to suspend your license. A significant violation like reckless driving or hit and run can result in your license being suspended. A drunk driving conviction will result in your license being revoked.

If you need assistance in saving your drivers license we can help. DK Anderson, S.C. has successfully saved the driving privileges of many individuals.

Municipal Courts in Jefferson County, WI

Traffic citations including first offense drunk driving citations can be in Municipal Court or in the Circuit Court. Below is a list of the different courts in Jefferson County, Wisconsin and links to their websites.

Our Practice Areas

Drunk Driving

Whether you are charged with a first offense, or a fifth offense, our Wisconsin OWI attorneys can help.

Violent Crimes

A conviction for any one of Wisconsin's violent crimes will have significant consequences.

Drug Charges

Our Wisconsin Drug charge attorneys know the law and how to apply that law in the court room.

Domestic Violence​

A conviction for a domestic violence charge in Wisconsin has additional consequences.

Property Crimes

Wisconsin property crimes include theft, forgery, and criminal damage to property.

Sex Offenses

Not much will change your life like a conviction for one of Wisconsin's sex offense charges.

Traffic Citations

Although less serious than a criminal charge, a traffic citation can effect your driver's license.

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