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Understanding Domestic Violence Charges in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, domestic violence itself is not classified as a separate criminal charge but acts as an enhancer, adding severity to various underlying criminal charges. The scope of what constitutes domestic abuse under Wisconsin law is broader than many might initially think, extending beyond disputes between spouses.

According to Wisconsin statute § 968.075, domestic abuse charges may apply to acts committed against a current or former spouse, any adult cohabitant or former cohabitant, or an adult with whom the accused shares a child. This definition notably includes roommates, expanding the range of relationships that can trigger domestic abuse enhancements.

Additionally, domestic abuse charges can arise from violating restraining orders designed to protect individuals from harm. This inclusion underlines the legal system’s commitment to safeguarding victims’ safety and well-being.

Given the broad applicability of domestic abuse enhancers and the significant legal implications they carry, understanding these laws is crucial. If you find yourself facing charges that could include a domestic abuse enhancement, securing experienced legal representation is essential. A skilled attorney can navigate the complexities of your case, ensuring your rights are protected and advocating for the most favorable outcome possible.

Wisconsin Domestic Violence Attorneys

Understanding the Scope of Domestic Violence Acts

Domestic violence in Wisconsin encompasses a range of acts, distinguished not by the nature of the act itself but rather by the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. Essentially, it’s the context within which the act occurs that qualifies it as domestic abuse. This broad scope includes various behaviors, from physical violence to acts that may not immediately appear as violent but have significant implications within a domestic setting. Here are examples of actions that can lead to charges of domestic violence:

  • Physical Violence: Any act that causes bodily harm or intends to cause harm can be considered under domestic violence if directed towards a spouse, former spouse, a cohabitant, or a shared child’s other parent.

  • Intentional Impairment: Actions aimed at intentionally impairing another’s physical condition, regardless of the severity, fall under domestic abuse when occurring within the defined domestic relationships.

  • Disorderly Conduct: Behaviors such as being loud and boisterous, which might typically result in a disorderly conduct charge, can carry the domestic abuse enhancer based on the victim’s relationship to the perpetrator.

  • Sexual Assault: Serious offenses like sexual assault are also classified as domestic violence when the victim and the perpetrator share a specific domestic or intimate relationship.

The classification of these acts under domestic violence underscores the legal system’s recognition of the unique and often complex dynamics of domestic relationships. These charges carry significant legal and social consequences, emphasizing the importance of understanding the wide-ranging behaviors that Wisconsin law considers under the umbrella of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

Strategies for Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges

Facing a charge of domestic violence carries profound implications that can affect every facet of your life, from personal relationships to legal rights, such as firearm ownership. When confronted with such serious allegations, securing a skilled criminal defense attorney with a track record of success in these matters is crucial. Here’s a closer look at approaches to challenging domestic abuse charges:

Seeking Dismissal

While achieving a dismissal of the charges is the optimal outcome, it’s important to recognize that this result is challenging to obtain. The complexity of domestic abuse cases, often characterized by intricate personal dynamics and competing narratives, makes dismissals less common. However, an aggressive defense strategy increases the likelihood of such an outcome, underscoring the value of experienced legal representation.

Negotiating Charges

Another avenue for “beating” a domestic violence charge involves negotiating for a reduction to a non-domestic offense. This strategy requires a deep understanding of both state and federal definitions of domestic crimes, particularly in relation to consequences like firearms restrictions. The attorneys at DK Anderson, S.C. possess the requisite knowledge to navigate these legal intricacies, striving to secure the most favorable terms for our clients.

Trial Advocacy

Many domestic violence allegations boil down to contested accounts between the parties involved. In these “he said, she said” scenarios, the ability to effectively present and argue your case in court becomes paramount. Our trial attorneys at DK Anderson, S.C. excel in courtroom advocacy, relishing the opportunity to defend our clients’ rights vigorously before a judge or jury.

If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Madison, WI, or surrounding areas, it’s imperative to act swiftly and secure competent legal counsel. At DK Anderson, S.C., we offer comprehensive case evaluations to understand your situation and develop a tailored defense strategy. Contact us today to begin the process of fighting for your rights and future.

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