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Facing an OWI Charge in Janesville? Why Local Expertise Matters

Battling an OWI charge in Janesville carries the same weight as it does across Wisconsin, but having a Janesville OWI lawyer, well-versed in the Rock County courts, can significantly impact the outcome. Every OWI charge demands skilled representation, specifically from an OWI lawyer with a deep understanding of Janesville’s legal landscape. Our team’s vast experience is your asset—we’re committed to defending your rights, your freedom, and fighting against the consequences of a conviction, which include loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, and potential jail time from a second offense onwards. Opt for an aggressive defense with a Janesville OWI lawyer to navigate through this challenging time with confidence.

Janesville Wisconsin OWI Lawyer

Navigating OWI Citations in Janesville: Understanding Court and Prosecution Dynamics

Receiving a citation for a drunk driving-related offense in Janesville, WI, means your case will proceed in the Rock County Circuit Court. Yet, the specifics of who issued the citation and whether it’s for a first offense OWI or a subsequent offense play crucial roles in determining which prosecutor will handle your case. Typically, first offense charges by the Janesville Police Department fall under the purview of the Janesville City Attorney, while all other first offenses and second offenses or greater are managed by the Rock County District Attorney’s Office.

The prosecutor assigned to your case can significantly influence its outcome. That’s where DK Anderson, S.C. steps in. Our in-depth knowledge of both the prosecutors and the court system in Janesville equips us to navigate your case strategically. For anyone in need of an OWI Lawyer in Janesville, we’re here to offer our expertise. Contact us today to get started.

Drunk Driving Defense in Rock County, Wisconsin

Drunk Driving Penalties in Rock County

The penalties for a Rock County drunk driving conviction are the same for a similar conviction across Wisconsin. However, each court and each prosecutor have different criteria that they look for. Furthermore, each court has different ways of interpreting what penalties are appropriate. This is where an experienced Rock County drunk driving attorney can make a difference. Rock County is in the 5th Judicial District and follows that districts OWI Sentencing Guidelines when imposing a sentence. If a conviction is unavoidable we can make sure you get a fair sentence. Just because you are facing an OWI charge in Janesville does not mean you will be convicted. Do not just assume you will be convicted, let us take a look at your case. We may be able to defend against your charges.

Defending Against a Drunk Driving Charge in Rock County

Defending against a drunk driving charge in Rock County requires an aggressive OWI defense. Start with finding a criminal defense attorney who is willing to fight for you. At DK Anderson, S.C. we take pride in providing an aggressive drunk driving defense in Rock County. We fight for our clients. We take the steps to make sure every defense is considered and explored. This is how cases are won. Whether it is a First Offense OWI or a Fifth Offense, we take the same approach. We are serious about, and know how to defend against Rock County drunk driving charges.

Aggressive DUI Defense Starts with an Aggressive DUI Attorney

Our DUI defense starts with conducting an administrative review hearing. If you were determined to have a prohibited alcohol concentration or a detectable amount of a restricted controlled substance in your system while driving you have the opportunity to request an administrative review hearing. Although these hearings can be tough to win, it gives us the opportunity to question the arresting officer. This can help expose potential defenses to the charge. We then take an active approach of reviewing all the evidence in your case. We will make multiple open records requests to obtain any videos of your arrest as well as the maintenance records of the machine that tested your breath or blood. Finally, we are not afraid to take your case to trial! In fact, we enjoy going to trial. As your Janesville OWI Lawyer, we will consult with you so you have a good understanding of whether your case should go to trial or not. Ultimately it is your decision and we are here to advise and fight for you.

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