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Understanding the Severity of Delivery of a Controlled Substance Charges in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, facing a charge for the delivery of a controlled substance is considered extremely serious, underscored by the stringent guidelines set forth in Wis. Stat. § 961.01. The state’s legislature has explicitly outlined the grave consequences for individuals engaged in the commercial distribution of controlled substances, emphasizing the potential for “lengthy terms of imprisonment” as a deterrent against such illicit activities.

Furthermore, the Wisconsin legislature advocates for sentencing practices post-conviction that not only aim to deter future trafficking activities but also seek to protect the public from the harmful impact of these crimes and rehabilitate the convicted individuals toward productive societal contributions. This sentiment is a common refrain among judges during sentencing for delivery of a controlled substance charges, highlighting the critical nature of these offenses.

Given the profound implications of a felony delivery charge, securing robust legal defense becomes paramount. If you’re navigating the complexities of any drug-related charge, partnering with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney is crucial. At DK Anderson, S.C., we are committed to providing vigorous defense strategies tailored to combat your drug charges, leveraging our expertise to fight for your rights and aim for the best possible outcome. Contact us to stand by your side in this critical time, ensuring your case is handled with the seriousness it deserves.

Delivery of A Controlled Substance in Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin's Premier Drug Crime Defense Attorneys: Navigating Your Defense with DK Anderson, S.C.

At DK Anderson, S.C., we are recognized as one of Madison’s top experts in defending against charges of delivering controlled substances. Our defense strategies are built on a thorough examination of the evidence against our clients, scrutinizing police procedures and the legality of evidence collection. We specialize in identifying violations of Fourth Amendment rights, potentially leading to evidence suppression and, frequently, dismissal of charges. This meticulous approach to evidence and constitutional rights underscores our success in drug crime defense, highlighting the value of having experienced attorneys by your side.

The Wisconsin legislature’s stance on drug trafficking crimes, as detailed in Wis. Stat. § 961.01, suggests severe penalties but does not prescribe minimum sentencing for delivery of a controlled substance. This legal landscape presents a unique opportunity for skilled defense attorneys to significantly influence sentencing outcomes. At DK Anderson, S.C., we leverage our comprehensive knowledge of drug crime defense to argue effectively at sentencing, often achieving outcomes like probation over prison. Our expertise and strategic advocacy are dedicated to protecting your future and ensuring the most favorable resolution possible.

Professional and Experienced Defense Attorneys who defend against Delivery Charges

Wisconsin’s Delivery of a Controlled Substance Statute

Under Wisconsin Statute 961.41(1) you can be charged and convicted with delivery of a controlled substance if the following three elements are present.

  • You delivered a controlled substance
  • The substance was a controlled substance whose delivery is prohibited by law
  • You knew or believed that the substance was a controlled substance which is prohibited by law.

Deliver means that you transferred or attempted to transfer the substance. Furthermore, there is no requirement that you actually know the chemical structure of the substance so long as you believe the substance is one prohibited by law.

A conviction for delivery of a controlled substance is a felony. In some circumstances, punishable up to 40 years imprisonment. Similar to a possession charge, the type and amount of substance will determine the penalty maximum.

Wisconsin Delivery of a Controlled Substance Defense

DK Anderson, S.C. has represented many individuals charged with controlled substance crimes.  Our attorneys know how to mount a proper defense. We understand how the courts work and what judges look for in sentencing. Let DK Anderson, S.C. fight the charges for you.

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