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A forgery charge is serious matter and conviction will have significant penalties. Similar to other Wisconsin property crimes, the collateral consequences of a forgery conviction are often just as serious. A forgery under Wisconsin law is a Class H felony and is punishable by six years imprisonment and a fine of $10,000. Wis. Stat. § 943.38 makes three different acts a crime. Those acts include forging a document, using a forged document, and possessing a forged document with intent to use that document.

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Serious Collateral Consequences with a Forgery Conviction

Any criminal conviction is a serious matter. However, a conviction for a forgery charge will have significant collateral consequences. For example, employment opportunities will be significantly hindered with a forgery conviction. Anyone with this type of conviction may be unable to hold a job in any industry that deals with money or legal documents. Depending on the basis for your charge, you may be prevented from writing checks, handling money, or drafting legal documents.

Consult with our felony defense attorneys to find out what consequences you may be facing. Every case is different and must be approached in a way tailored to those charges. Our attorneys will work to obtain a dismissal and mitigate any potential collateral consequences of a forgery conviction.

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We have successfully defended against Wisconsin forgery charges. The knowledge and experience with these types of charges is essential to obtaining the best results. In certain circumstances our attorneys have been successful in arguing for a dismissal. If you or a loved one are facing a felony charge of any sort contact DK Anderson, S.C. to start your defense.

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What the State must prove to convict someone of Forgery

Forgery by Making or Altering a Legal Document

  1. The document was a writing by which legal rights or obligations are created or transferred;
  2. The defendant falsely made or altered the document to appear to have been made by another person, at another time, with different terms, or by authority of someone who did not give such authority; and
  3. The defendant falsely made or altered the document with intent to defraud.

Uttering a Forged Writing

  1. The writing was one by which legal rights or obligations are created or transferred.
  2. The writing was falsely made or altered;
  3. The defendant uttered the writing as genuine; and
  4. The defendant knew the writing was falsely made or altered.

Possession of a Forged Writing with Intent to Utter

  1. The defendant possessed a writing;
  2. The writing was one by which legal rights or obligations are created or transferred;
  3. The writing was falsely made or altered;
  4. The defendant knew the writing was falsely made or altered; and
  5. The defendant intended to utter the writing

“Uttering” means to present for payment or transfer to another.

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