Average Jail Time for A 2nd DUI in Wisconsin

Average Jail Time for A 2nd DUI in Wisconsin

Average Jail Time For A 2nd DUI In Wisconsin

The average jail sentence for a second offense DUI in Wisconsin is approximately 45 days in jail. Every case is different and the ultimate jail sentence will depend on the facts of your case, your blood alcohol level, and potentially, the attorney you hire to represent you. A second offense DUI, unlike a first offense, comes with mandatory jail sentence. That means if you are convicted you will have to serve anywhere from a minimum of five days jail to a maximum of six months jail. There is no way around this if you are convicted of a second offense in Wisconsin.

Outside of the representation you obtain to fight your 2nd offense DUI, a main factor in your jail sentence will be whether or not your case has aggravating facts. One such aggravating fact is your blood alcohol level, or BAC. The higher you BAC, the more likely the prosecutor and judge will want to sentence you to a longer term in jail. Typically the prosecutor will make an offer for a certain jail sentence based on the OWI sentencing guidelines. This is only a starting point as far as we are concerned.

There are things however, that your attorney can do to limit the amount of time recommend by the state and ordered by the judge. The second offense DUI attorneys at DK Anderson, S.C. know what to do and how to fight your DUI case. We also know how to significantly limit the amount of jail time if convicted. If you are facing a 2nd offense DUI we can help. Call today for a free case evaluation.

Can I Get House Arrest For A Second Offense DUI?

Whether you are sentenced to the minimum or the maximum amount of jail, house arrest, or electronic monitoring may be available. Your attorney will likely be able to help you in obtaining electronic monitoring and should be able to guide you through the necessary steps. House arrest is never guaranteed, but in our experience, it is very likely for a second offense DUI.

Looking for Something Better Than The Average Attorney?

 Jail time for a second offense DUI conviction is mandatory and there is no way around it. No way, unless you have an attorney who can beat the case. When you hire one of the attorneys at DK Anderson, S.C. you can relax knowing that if they can’t beat your case, that they will get you the lowest possible sentence. If you are facing a second offense DUI charge contact us today. We will make sure you are treated fairly and obtain the best possible result.

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